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    VNR Locust in Ethiopia and Somalia

    In the Horn of Africa, the worst affected area by the locust infestation, there is an unprecedented threat to food security and livelihoods as swarms increase in Ethiopia and Somalia and continue to move south to Kenya where they have spread to 14 counties, just kilometers away from Uganda and South Sudan. Somalia is the first country in the region to declare a state of emergency over the infestation. As of now, the upsurge is contained to three countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia. This is the worst locust situation Somalia and Ethiopia have seen in 25 years. Last time Kenya was affected with an infestation at this scale was 70 years ago.

    Date & Location 13/11/2019
    Jijiga, Ethiopia /Garowe, Somalia , Ethiopia, Somalia
    Duration 4' 24''
    Audios Natural /English/French
    Source FAO
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