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    FAO Director-General Graziano da Silva hands over ceremony

    Food and Agriculture Organization ( FAO) Director-General Graziano da Silva hands over helm to Qu Dongyu at a ceremony held in the UN agency’s headquarters in Rome. A portrait of Graziano da Silva was unveiled ahead of the handover ceremony. Graziano da Silva stressed FAO’s role, particularly in the field, in making a difference and improving the “lives of vulnerable people” by providing technical capacity, especially to developing countries, while also pointing to the standard-setting and normative work that the agency, which has 194 member states, produces. “I have no doubt that Mr. Qu has a lot to offer to FAO in terms of knowledge and experience,” he said. He expressed “deep respect” for Graziano da Silva’s work at FAO for the past 13 years, first as FAO's regional representative for Latin America and the Caribbean, and since 2012 as Director-General. Looking ahead, Qu Dongyu said: “I intend to work for an FAO that applies modern science and technology, and adopts innovative approaches. An Organization that identifies new ways to improve performance and delivery, by digitalizing our activities, by intensifying our collaboration with academia, research centers and the private sector; and many other steps that I intend to take.” Qu Dongyu from China will take office on 1 August 2019. His term will run until 31 July 2023. Qu Dongyu was elected as FAO Director-General on 23 June 2019. He will be FAO's ninth Director-General since the Organization was founded on October 16, 1945.

    Date & Location 31/07/2019
    Rome , Italy
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